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Hugs from Mystique

(Filmed 8/28/2015) Our video opens with LeAnn stretching in front of the ring. Mystique enters and suddenly LeAnn is scared! She timidly asks if Mystique is her opponent but Mystique smiles and tells her no. A relieved LeAnn reaches out her hand to greet Mystique but the tough woman tells her she prefers hugs to hand shakes. Suddenly Mystique begins to squeeze LeAnn really hard in a tight bear hug and tells LeAnn that she's not her opponent because opponent's must be EQUALS … and LeAnn is not her equal! LeAnn is soon knocked out and thrown in the ring for tons of body squeezing action that constantly leaves the bikini clad beauty knocked out! Mystique is merciless but sweet as she totally dominates poor Leann! Mystique squeezes LeAnn with her legs, arms, with the ring ropes, and on her shoulder with the outcome of each "hug" being an eye rolling knockout for LeAnn! You'll love seeing the beautiful LeAnn laying unconscious on the mat at the end of this great video!  

Hugs from Mystique - 01Click here for our video teaser!Hugs from Mystique - 01Hugs from Mystique - 02Hugs from Mystique - 03Hugs from Mystique - 04Hugs from Mystique - 05Hugs from Mystique - 06Hugs from Mystique - 07Hugs from Mystique - 08Hugs from Mystique - 09Hugs from Mystique - 10Hugs from Mystique - 11Hugs from Mystique - 12Hugs from Mystique - 13Hugs from Mystique - 14Hugs from Mystique - 15Hugs from Mystique - 16

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