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Becca's Boxing Lesson

(Filmed 6/3/2015) Becca and Antoinette meet in the boxing ring for a standard 10 count boxing match. They start off equal, each beauty gaining knockdowns from powerful punches. The ref counts to 10 but they manage to rise before the count out. But Antoinette soon tires of this cat and mouse game and tells the ref to be quiet so she can just enjoy beating Becca up! From there, it's a one sided face and belly pounding melee! Poor Becca is nearly knocked out several times, endures powerful punches to the head and belly, and finally given a little lesson in the types of punches that boxers use. She's groggy and punch drunk throughout most of this match as we have a little camera fun with creative angles, slow motion punches, and even our patented "Fem Wrestling Rooms Speed Bag Facial"! We think you'll LOVE this heavy hitting punch fest!

Becca's Boxing Lesson - 01Click here for our video teaser!Becca's Boxing Lesson - 01Becca's Boxing Lesson - 02Becca's Boxing Lesson - 03Becca's Boxing Lesson - 04Becca's Boxing Lesson - 05Becca's Boxing Lesson - 06Becca's Boxing Lesson - 07Becca's Boxing Lesson - 08Becca's Boxing Lesson - 09Becca's Boxing Lesson - 10Becca's Boxing Lesson - 11Becca's Boxing Lesson - 12Becca's Boxing Lesson - 13Becca's Boxing Lesson - 14Becca's Boxing Lesson - 15Becca's Boxing Lesson - 16

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